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The Beginning
Necessity is the mother of all invention

Ninali came into existence by chance, from the need of a bathing suit that made you feel special, unique and comfortable but suited to all environments. A costume ideal for the most relaxing holiday but yet versatile, easy to carry, easy to pack without ever having to compromise on style and beauty.  A homage to design, architecture and craftsmanship. The Ninali line was born.

The Ninali Philosophy

FREEDOM A second skin which sensually hugs the curves of the body, a celebration of femminity

SIMPLICITY The essential is invisible to the eye. Years of research and experiment dedicated to finding the perfect costume. Simple but elegant

More than just one costume! A transformation of one piece into multiple costumes and multiple pieces. A mutation from day to night. An evolution of style.

Every bathing suit as never been worn. Fresh and perfumed it is unique and only for you.

From concept to creation Ninali and all its products are 100% made in the north of Italy.